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Boost Your Website’s Performance with These Top Tracking and Analytics Tools for Drupal


Data-driven is the keyword across industries. In order to gain usable insights, you first need to have the right tools in place to gather and analyse your web performance. 

For those of you using Drupal 10, the latest version of the powerful content management system, we’ve put together this guide. Here we’ll explore the essential tracking and analytics tools that can enhance your Drupal-based website’s performance, suitable for both novices and seasoned professionals.

And if you’re still running an older version of Drupal, you’ll want to upgrade soon as the older versions either have or will soon reach end of life. Get in touch with our team if you need help with upgrading.

Understanding Drupal 10’s Analytics Landscape

Drupal 10 represents a significant advancement in content management, offering enhanced user experiences and improved functionalities. Its appeal lies in its compatibility with a range of analytics tools, which are essential for strategic decision-making in the data-driven digital environment of today.

Essential Tracking Tools for Drupal 10

For those beginning their journey in website analytics, certain tools are indispensable. Consider integrating the following into your Drupal 10 site:

  • Google Analytics: A staple for tracking visitor behaviour and site performance
  • Clicky: Offers real-time analytics, providing immediate insights into user interactions
  • Crazy Egg: Delivers visual heatmaps and user session recordings, ideal for understanding user engagement

Google has finally slowly started to disable third-party cookies for Chrome users as of 2024. Making sure you’re relying on tools, like these above, that are privacy-friendly will be key to have accurate and usable data in the months to come.

Advanced Analytics Tools to Elevate Your Drupal Website

As you become more familiar with analytics, exploring sophisticated tools can yield deeper insights:

  • Hotjar: Known for detailed heatmaps and conversion funnel analysis
  • Mixpanel: Offers advanced user segmentation and tracking capabilities

Integrating Google Analytics with Drupal 10

Google Analytics remains the top choice for comprehensive website analytics. Its integration with Drupal 10 involves a simple module installation, enabling access to extensive data about traffic patterns and user behaviour.

Utilising Drupal’s Built-in Analytics Features

For a straightforward approach, Drupal 10 offers built-in analytics features. While not as comprehensive as specialised tools, they provide a solid starting point for basic analytics needs.

Enhancing SEO with Drupal 10’s Analytics Tools

Effective SEO strategies are driven by data. The analytics tools in Drupal 10 offer valuable insights that can inform and refine your SEO approach, aiding in improved search engine rankings and increased online visibility.

Optimizing your website for search engines is crucial. Even if your website boasts compelling content, valuable information, and a diverse range of products, it won’t be beneficial if it fails to connect with your target audience. A fantastic website is only truly valuable when it effectively reaches and engages users.

-Harsh Sharma, Drupal Team Lead

Real-Time Analytics and User Behaviour Tracking

Understanding user behaviour is key to optimising your website. Tools that offer real-time analytics provide immediate feedback on user actions, enabling quick and informed decisions to enhance site performance.

Customising Analytics for Unique Website Needs

Drupal 10’s flexible architecture allows for customisation to suit specific analytics needs, including:

  • Setting up custom metrics
  • Creating tailored reports
  • Tracking unique user interactions

Best Practices for Analysing and Interpreting Data

When dealing with analytics, focus on actionable insights. Consider these practices:

  • Prioritise key metrics relevant to your business goals
  • Identify trends and patterns in data to inform strategic decisions
  • Avoid getting bogged down in data overload – quality trumps quantity


By harnessing the power of these tracking and analytics tools, you can significantly enhance your website’s performance on the Drupal 10 platform. Whether a beginner or an experienced user, these tools provide invaluable insights to drive your website’s success. 

Monsoon’s Drupal Team is happy to help you in setting up and managing the right combination of tools to help you succeed. Get in touch with us for a free consultation to help your site reach its potential.

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