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5 of the Best Government Websites Using Drupal

In today’s digital era, a government’s online presence is crucial. The choice of a content management system is key, and many local governments in the UK and Ireland choose Drupal for its robustness and flexibility.
This blog highlights five outstanding local government websites using Drupal, each demonstrating how this platform effectively meets citizen needs through innovative service delivery and community engagement.

Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council

Monsoon Consulting’s development of the Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council website illustrates our expertise in crafting a Drupal-based, user-focused platform. Emphasising accessibility, security, and advanced search functionality, the project underscores three key strengths:

  • User-Centric Design and Accessibility: The website’s design is centred around ease of use and accessibility, making sure that content is approachable for a diverse range of users, including those of various ages and abilities. This reflects Monsoon’s dedication to developing inclusive and accessible digital solutions.
  • Enhanced Security and Data Protection: Acknowledging the critical importance of security for government websites, the project included robust measures to safeguard user data and interactions. This aspect of the development highlights Monsoon’s expertise in creating secure and reliable digital platforms.
  • Advanced Search Functionality and Service Availability: The website features advanced search capabilities, enabling users to easily locate relevant information such as council services and notices. This user-friendly approach moves away from a department-centric layout, showcasing Monsoon’s ability to develop platforms that are not only technically advanced but also highly focused on user needs.

“As the project lead, our primary objectives for the website include ensuring user accessibility, robust security, and a seamless search experience. Additionally, our focus extends to incorporating a diverse range of components to cater to the needs of every department within the county council.

It’s essential to create a user-friendly environment that facilitates content addition, especially for individuals across various age groups and backgrounds, many of whom may lack prior experience in contributing to a website. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and inclusive platform that accommodates the diverse requirements of our user base.”

-Harsh Sharma, Drupal Team Lead

Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea website is an excellent example of a modern digital government presence. It offers a wide range of services, from housing to social care. The site integrates social media, keeping content relevant and accessible. It also engages the community through features like consultations and newsletter subscriptions, showcasing Drupal’s strength in creating interactive and accessible platforms.

Ease of Use: A comprehensive array of services is clearly categorised, simplifying the user journey.

Accessibility: Integration with social media platforms and regular updates ensure the site is accessible and relevant to a wide audience.

Community Engagement: Features like current consultations and newsletters subscription options engage the community actively in council affairs.

Dublin City Council

The Dublin City Council website is a vital resource for residents, covering everything from housing to environmental initiatives. It features a language switcher, catering to the region’s linguistic diversity. The site’s structure, with advanced search functions and organised service categories, makes it easy for residents to find information. This demonstrates Drupal’s adaptability in addressing diverse user needs and facilitating community participation.

Ease of Use: The advanced search function and well-structured service categories make it easy for residents to navigate the site.

Accessibility: The language switcher for English and Gaeilge ensures the site caters to the linguistic diversity of the region.

Community Engagement: The website’s comprehensive news and consultation sections encourage active community participation.

Limerick City and County Council

Limerick City and County Council’s website offers a range of services, emphasising transparency and public engagement. The site has a clear structure, with sections for services, news, and council information. It exemplifies Drupal’s ability to create user-friendly and informative platforms.
Ease of Use: A clear layout with dedicated sections for different services enhances user navigation.

Accessibility: The straightforward design and layout enhance the overall user experience.
Community Engagement: The inclusion of press releases and public notices promotes transparency and encourages community involvement.

Cork County Council

Cork County Council’s website stands out for its dedication to serving a diverse population. The site provides comprehensive sections for residents, businesses, and council information. It covers various sectors, from housing to business support, showcasing Drupal’s versatility in catering to different community interests.

Ease of Use:The site provides detailed sections for residents, businesses, and council information, making it a comprehensive resource.

Accessibility:Emphasis on diverse services like community development and business support caters to a broad audience.

Community Engagement:The council’s commitment to sectors like tourism and business support reflects its focus on inclusive community growth.


These examples demonstrate the evolution of government websites and how Drupal can be used to create platforms that are not only informative but also user-friendly and responsive to community needs. The websites of DLR CoCo, Kensington and Chelsea, Dublin City, Limerick City and County, and Cork County illustrate a trend towards digital solutions that prioritise accessibility, efficiency, and citizen engagement.

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