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Top Drupal 10 Modules to Enhance Your Website’s Functionality and User Experience


If you’re new to Drupal, the best place to start is with the top Drupal 10 modules that lay a strong foundation to help you build a solid website. These modules not only enhance your website’s functionality and user experience, but they can also help improve your search engine ranking. In this post, we’ll cover the best Drupal 10 modules that are sure to take your website to the next level.

  1. Commerce

    The Commerce module for Drupal 10 is a powerful tool for online stores, offering a wide range of features to enhance your website’s functionality and user experience. This free module is easy to install with one-click installation available through Drupal’s interface, making it a great choice if you’re looking to create an online store without spending money on third-party plugins or services. You can also use Commerce in conjunction with other modules such as Views, which allows users to add product details and reviews directly onto your website without any technical knowledge or programming skills needed.

  2. Workbench

    Workbench is one of the most important Drupal 10 modules available. It’s a framework for creating custom entities and fields, which allows you to create custom fields for different entities and then create forms from those fields. For instance, if you’re building a website where users can post blog posts, Workbench can be used to add new types of posts, like “quotes,” or even new content types like videos or images that will have their own sets of fields and forms.

  3. User Management

    User Management is a Drupal 10 module that allows you to create users, manage permissions, and more. This module is useful for creating a user directory where users can be added and have their information displayed on the site. It’s also handy for creating a registration form or login form for your website visitors who want to sign up or log in as new members.


    Views is a customizable Drupal 10 module that allows you to create all kinds of lists of content in various formats. You can use it to create listings of content, display feeds from external blogs and sites, display search results, or display any combination of these types of content. Views has an extensive API, and many contributed modules have been developed on top of it.

  5. Pathauto and Linkit

    Pathauto and Linkit are two Drupal 10 modules that work together to automatically generate paths for the content on your site and create links between nodes within Drupal 10 sites. With Pathauto, you can create templates that will be used when a user creates new content or views existing content. These templates will be displayed in the form of links at the top of each node, making it easier for users to navigate through your website and find what they’re looking for. Linkit allows you to create quick links between nodes, making it easier for users to navigate from one page to another.

  6. CKEditor and Quickedit

    CKEditor and Quickedit are Drupal 10 modules that allow you to easily add rich text formatting to your site. CKEditor is a full-featured HTML editor, while Quickedit is a simple text editor with basic formatting options. Both of these modules enable users to format their content in ways that would be impossible on Drupal 8 without using complex code or third-party plugins.

  7. Date API and Date Popup

    The Date API module is a customizable module for Drupal 10 that allows you to display dates and times in a variety of formats, while Date Popup creates a pop-up calendar that allows users to select dates. The Date API module is useful for displaying events, appointments, deadlines, and other time-sensitive information on your website in an intuitive way, while the Date Popup module allows users to select dates without leaving the page. This is perfect for booking appointments or scheduling meetings.

  8. Commerce Sales Order Interface

    The Commerce Sales Order Interface adds a sales order interface to the Drupal Commerce checkout process, allowing you to see and edit orders in the Drupal admin. You can view and edit order details, including items added to an order line item (such as product SKUs and prices). This module is useful for managing your online store’s sales and tracking orders.

  9. Spark Pay

    Spark Pay is a payment module for Drupal Commerce. It allows you to process credit card payments, accept donations, and other forms of payment. This module is easy to install and configure, making it a great choice if you want to accept payments directly on your website.

  10. Commerce Shipping

    The Commerce Shipping module provides an interface for shipping configuration and rates, as well as a shipping method editor. Commerce Shipping supports all major carriers in the US and Canada, including UPS, FedEx, USPS (US), DHL, and Canada Post. This module is essential for managing your online store’s shipping needs and ensuring that your customers’ orders arrive on time.


These are just some of the most useful Drupal 10 modules available. By utilizing them correctly, you can enhance your website’s functionality and user experience while improving your search engine ranking. It’s important to remember that Drupal modules are constantly being updated and improved, so make sure to keep your website up-to-date with the latest Drupal 10 modules to stay ahead of the competition.

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